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Stephen Pope is the founder and Managing
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He has worked in the international capital...

In addition to the articles and research notes
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There is no formulaic approach to
evaluating an opportunity or situation. The
concept behind macro ideas is “What if?”
Global/Regional/national situations...

Thursday January 1st 1970

images/uploads/SBTFTC Cotton 19-07-17(1).pdf

With the following link I produced a trading comment for Saxo Bank which was a short-term play in cotton.  I appreciate that such a short-term horizon approach is not strategy, rather it is a tactical consideration.

In my defence I believe a well rounded strategist has to be able to show a grasp of the "close up" as well as the "broad" or "big picture". After all, clients should rightly expect a strategist to deliver coherent opinion across a wide range of assets across varying time frames.

The link is below and a PDF file is attached.

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