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Saxo Bank Trading Floor One year old

Friday January 23rd 2015


One year on for TradingFloor.com 4

Kim Fournais Kim Fournais   Co-founder and CEO / Saxo Bank A/S

We knew we were making a big change to TradingFloor.com this time last year. What we perhaps had not quite understood was how much the platform would develop in the ensuing 12 months.

Quiet evolution might have been the mantra but the reality is, we've seen something akin to a revolution. While the fundamental ethos – a community-led copy trading site that fosters transparency and sharing of ideas – underpins the platform, the content offering has changed dramatically.

Part of that is down to the quality of the contributors. We already had terrific material from the Saxo Bank strategy team and their support of TradingFloor.com has been an integral part of the platform's success.

Earning respect

But in the last 12 months, we've also added the likes of Kay Van-Petersen, Pauline Loong, Nadia Kazakova, Stephen Pope, Max McKegg and a whole host of others to ramp up our content offering.

Alongside mainstays of the TradingFloor.com project such as Ken Veksler, Serge Berger, Neil Staines, Michael O'Neill and Andreas Clenow, it's enriched content significantly.

The past twelve months also showcased our agility in handling major fast-moving stories such as Alibaba’s blockbuster IPO and, more, recently the Swiss franc bombshell. In both cases, our TV and print editorial teams pulled out all the stops to ensure our community members got great information to help them make informed trading decisions.

Little wonder then that TradingFloor.com in its component print and TV divisions is rapidly coming to be seen as a real and valid content source, well-respected among global media.

Just before Christmas, for example, Bloomberg directly quoted TradingFloor.com's Russian oil and gas analyst Kazakova in relation to a breaking Rosneft story, an indication as good as any that the content offering is becoming established and earning the acknowledgement of its peers.

That's reflected in the numbers. We had more than 20,000 new sign-ups through 2014, an effective doubling of the total from the start of the year to 41,122. Meanwhile, there were an astonishing 8,768,578 page views on TradingFloor.com.

Saxo TV is seeing a huge jump in viewership too month-on-month, and we’re looking at two million clicks for our video content by the end of the year.

But it's when you compare December 2014 figures with January that the most startling findings emerge. Page views in January numbered 142,646 but by December, this had risen to 1,060,420. Sessions had also risen from 20,508 to 466,670 and unique users were up from 16,980 to 279,327. (Source: Google Analytics)

Users are staying for longer too. In the last six months, typical stays have gone up by more than 150% indicating greater engagement with the site.

Breaking good


We also broke new ground on August 4 when TradingFloor.com moved from an 11-hour content operation to 18 hours incorporating the start of the Asian day.

As the needs of our global community base have grown, so too have we moved to develop our platform, and the addition of a three-person editorial team running things from Sydney, Australia and dovetailing neatly with our Singapore hub has been a runaway success since it kicked off.

What that's meant is we are able to respond in realtime to developments throughout Asia and make the platform truly global in everything that it has to offer.

Striving for better

A similar ethos has underpinned the type of content that now infuses TradingFloor.com.

The emergence of regulars like Daily Shot, From the Floor, Equity on the move, FX Board and others has helped to create the kind of actionable content that neatly supplements the wealth of macro material on the platform as well as the highly-targeted trade ideas brought to you by our carefully-selected team of experts across all asset classes.

That has also been reflected in the rebranded Essential Trades, the innovative World Cup publication and competition and the hugely popular Saxo Trade Challenges which have all been premised on how to make markets work for you and improve your bottom line.

Notwithstanding that each and every one was a lot of fun to produce too!

Outrageously good

And of course, Outrageous Predictions continues to be the standard bearer for Saxo publications, gleaning a massive amount of positive coverage for the bank and finding its perfect fit with TradingFloor.com.

With brilliant ideas that have amused, riled and sometimes angered, it has grown in size and prestige and now has a design and editorial strategy in place led by Saxo's chief economist Steen Jakobsen that makes it one of the bank's most anticipated media events of the year.

The feedback from last month's publication has been nothing short of extraordinary and the press coverage through the globe only goes to show how important it is to have a vehicle like TradingFloor.com to promote our many publications.

The future

All in all, TradingFloor.com now comprises some eight editors on the print side, four presenters on the TV side and a host of assistants in tow whose role cannot be undervalued. Working closely with the strategy team, marketing and social media, the platform has developed its own dynamic where editors are expected to contribute organically to the site rather than passively awaiting copy to process.

Whether that's responding to the decimation of the ruble, the oil price plunge, Scottish nationalism or Single's Day in China, or creating vivid and powerful campaigns around NASDAQ Week, the Alibaba IPO or the Q3 earnings season, it's helped develop a dynamism that perhaps defines it most clearly from its former incarnation.

And as ever, the platform is your platform. You've been telling us what you want throughout the year and we've responded. Now tell us what you want and we'll do our best to oblige.

Maybe it's a 24-hour news cycle. Maybe it's different kind of content. Perhaps you want to see even more actionable content on TradingFloor.com. Or you may simply want a different kind of stream to air your views.

Whatever it is, don't be backward in coming forward. Tell us and we'll act or, if we can't do that straight away, we'll tell you why.

Here's looking to birthday number two for TradingFloor.com 4, one year from now!

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