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Stephen Pope is the founder and Managing
Partner of spotlightideas.

He has worked in the international capital...

In addition to the articles and research notes
that appear on this site spotlightideas is
available for commission work where unique,
sole ownership analysis will be prepared...

There is no formulaic approach to
evaluating an opportunity or situation. The
concept behind macro ideas is “What if?”
Global/Regional/national situations...

Bulletin du Martin (France) features Stephen Pope and Spotlight Ideas

Friday March 28th 2014



Stephen Pope, associé chez Spotlight Ideas, a indiqué dans un email qu'il restait positif quant aux perspectives des grandes capitalisations européennes. Leur capacité à générer des revenus à l'international "les immunise confortablement contre tout repli potentiel en Europe si les tensions avec la Russie devaient encore s'accentuer".

Stephen Pope, the associate at Spotlight Ideas, has indicated in an email that he remained positive about the prospects of large European capitalization stocks. Their ability to generate income from  the international market " immunised them comfortably against any potential downturn in Europe if the tensions with Russia were exacerbated".

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