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Stephen Pope is the founder and Managing
Partner of spotlightideas.

He has worked in the international capital...

In addition to the articles and research notes
that appear on this site spotlightideas is
available for commission work where unique,
sole ownership analysis will be prepared...

There is no formulaic approach to
evaluating an opportunity or situation. The
concept behind macro ideas is “What if?”
Global/Regional/national situations...

Stress Test Charade

Tuesday January 21st 2014

images/uploads/SPL Eurozone Stress Test Chrade 21-01-14.pdf

Client comment...

"...Many thanks for this. With your permission I’d like to circulate this to my colleagues here at GHC—if European banks are being forced by regulators to set ever increasing amounts of capital aside in order to increase their capital to asset ratios the implication, especially in a currency zone where the central bank refuses (or is not allowed) to engage in large scale asset purchases in order to increase the quantity of money, the inevitable result will be enduring economic stagnation. Germany will escape largely unscathed but that is because the euro exchange is well beneath the appropriate PPP rate for Germany, whilst it is far too high for just about every other member state. It would be nice for my colleagues to see I’m not alone in my concerns. ..."


John Clarke BA (Hons) Chartered FCSI

Chief Investment Officer       

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