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Stephen Pope is the founder and Managing
Partner of spotlightideas.

He has worked in the international capital...

In addition to the articles and research notes
that appear on this site spotlightideas is
available for commission work where unique,
sole ownership analysis will be prepared...

There is no formulaic approach to
evaluating an opportunity or situation. The
concept behind macro ideas is “What if?”
Global/Regional/national situations...

Spotlight Ideas on Bloomberg Radio

Tuesday April 12th 2011

Stephen Pope, Managing Partner of Spotlight Ideas
appeared as a guest contributor on "First Word" with Ken Prewitt.

From Bloomberg post the broadcast: 
Hi Stephen,
Thanks for participating on today's 'Bloomberg Radio's First Word'. We
greatly appreciate you joining us and thought your insights were terrific,
plus they added some great color to the show! I've attached the audio
clip of your interview with Ken, so we hope you share it with your friends
and colleagues.
On behalf of Bloomberg Radio, we look forward to having you on again in
the future.
Lesley Keene
Producer, First Word
The sound file is attached with the following notification:
" © 2011 Bloomberg L.P. All rights reserved. Used with permission."

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