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Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Stephen Pope & Spotlight Ideas

Monday May 13th 2013

The article about Alternative for Germany with your quotes have finally been published. It's in yesterday's edition of polish "Bloomberg BusinessWeek". Here's the link, although it's limited to subscribers:

I attach a full text in doc. file.
Thank you for your help.
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"Parkiet" Financial Newspaper / "Rzeczpospolita"
Tel. 48 (0) 22 46 30 611
Cell.48 692 186 532
51 Prosta Street, 00-838 Warsaw, Poland

Euro-sceptic groups are growimng in strength in Germany. They will not force the country to break with the euro zone, but may affect the actions of the Government.  Rather than fearing the increase of economic power in Germany the primal fear is German inaction. This matters as in 2011 many of Polands western neigbours in the euro widely criticized Germany for wanting to impose its will on other members.

Louder and louder we hear a cry from Germans who see their country at the head of the euro zone and yet dispised beyond the core. The protest has so far attracted less emotion than the crisis in the southern part of the Eurozone where  the  biggest threat to the Eurozone is not a possible secession of Greece, but Germany strength, stresses Michael Burda, an economist with the University of Berlin Humboldt University.

Although the Survey Institute Forsa from beginning of April showed that support for the common European currency is on the Rhine are still high. Up to 69 percent of Germans surveyed in favour of its maintenance, and only 27% seek to return to  the Deutsche Marknative brand. – The crisis in the euro area many Germans worried. But it does not affect their attitude toward the euro as the paying entity is commented in the daily "Handelsblatt" Manfred Guellner, Head of the Money Section.

Simultaneously with other public opinion research shows that every fourth Germany before considering their stance before the election is looking at the Euro sceptic party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD...Alternative for Germany).  Strength for such a choice, as suggested by the survey center INSA before week, is  5% The group has a chance to exceed this threshold and be a party with repesentation parliament. This may be a worry as the party was registered only in February of this year.- This shows how much Euro Scepticism there is in Germany says  Stephen Pope, founder of 
analytical company Spotlight ideas.

At first glance, it would appear, however, that it is too early to say Germany is turning as 38% of Germans aregoing to vote for  the EU conservative party CDU and CSU, and 5% of the liberal democrats FDP. These groups form a governing coalition, which seek the integrity of the Eurozone. And although the Bavarian CSU  mainstream coalition is strong, the official position is succinctly expressed by  Philipp Rosedler President of the FDP and Minister of the Economy in the government of Angela Merkel...he says the consequences of a return to German mark would be disastrous.

Such a step, according to experts, could lead to chaos in the economy and strongly accelerate unemployment. This is becasue Germany in particular benefits from the common currency. The opposition, with 26% support, remains the  SPD, and its allies the Green Party has 15% support among Germans. Why even the socialist group Die Linke can claim more support than AfD.

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