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Stephen Pope is the founder and Managing
Partner of spotlightideas.

He has worked in the international capital...

In addition to the articles and research notes
that appear on this site spotlightideas is
available for commission work where unique,
sole ownership analysis will be prepared...

There is no formulaic approach to
evaluating an opportunity or situation. The
concept behind macro ideas is “What if?”
Global/Regional/national situations...

International Business Times features Stephen Pope & Spotlight Ideas

Thursday January 1st 1970


0905 GMT: Analyst reaction

Here's what Stephen Pope of Spotlight Ideas has to say about last night's downgrade of France by Moody's:


"The move is justified as since his election In May and then the return of a socialist majority in June, the President has attacked the wealth creators as in October his government unveiled EUR20Bn in new levies on the leading French companies as well as attacking high earners and the wealthy. Killing free enterprise may a socialist dream...but it will stifle growth and all efforts to recreate competitiveness. French yields have fallen heavily since Hollande assumed office...but we at Spotlight are convinced that with political certainly in France it simply suited the international market to have a large liquid bond alternative to the skinny yields that have prevailed on all German maturities."

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